About us

Shree Sweets presents freshly and exceptionaly hand made sweet delicacy as per the authentic indian traditions by using fresh australia based ingridients to achieve richness of the taste & Quality.

Good food is all the sweeter
when shared with Good Friends.

we are specialised in making authentic & premium quality products.our sweets are mainly handcrafted with rich and freshly made ingredients.

Our main products are, Rajashthani Delicacy Ghevar & Gujarati Authentic Ghari with diffrent Flavours.

we also provide sugarfree options in Ghari.


Deliver rich & Premium Quality Products.

Our products are the best
delicacy of India.


Ghevar is the crispy disk shape sweet made with flour and soaked up in sugar syrup& garnish it with Nuts and edible silver leave to make a special treat .

  • Plain Ghevar
  • Rabri Ghevar
  • Mawa/Khoya Ghevar
  • Chocolate Ghevar

Creamy Milk Truffles

We got varieties of Creamy Milk Truffles includes,

1. Pistachio truffles with pistachio butter inside.

2. Rose petals truffles filled with Rose petal Jam (Gulkand) inside.

3. Basil Truffle with macadamia butter inside.

4. Saffron Infuse truffle with pistachio butter stuffed.

5. Dryfruit Truffles stuffed with Dryfruits inside.

Dryfruit Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori is the Sweet royal treat filled with Khoya (Milk solids) & full of Dryfruits.


Ghari is rich round shape sweet dish made with milk mawa sweet filling and garnish it with ghee and nuts.

  • Mawa Ghari
  • Dryfruit Ghari
  • Kesarpista Ghari

Methipak/ Fenugreek Barfi

Methipak is a great nutrition food specially for winter made of super healthy ingrediants like Urad Flour, Singhoda Flour, Fenugreek Powder,Jaggery, Gund ( Edible gum ), Ginger powder, Ganthoda Powder & handfull of Nuts ( Almond, Cashew & Pista).

All products are made in Australia.

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